I'm Fine, Sleep Well.
Hi, I'm Alli.
I'm Alli and I like narwhals, books, coffee, and The Legend of Zelda series.
But not necessarily in that order.

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Brilliant Ravenclaw

Life List

  1. Get married barefoot.
  2. Walk the 7 mile beach in the Cayman Islands.
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Kiss in the rain.
  5. Go to a fast food restaurant in formal attire. 
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Have sex in public
  8. Go on a cruise
  9. Take silly pictures in a photo booth
  10. Try seafood a second time
  11. Get naked on a nude beach
  12. Take a picture with Cinderella
  13. Go to a major music festival
  14. Have sex in all 50 states
  15. Send someone flowers
  16. Attend a white tie event
  17. Spend a month as a vegetarian
  18. Fly a kite
  19. Ride a zip line
  20. Donate an entire paycheck to charity
  21. Complete a “Wreck This Journal”
  22. Dedicate a song to someone on the radio
  23. Climb Ayers Rock
  24. Go to the airport and take the first available flight
  25. Bake a 7 layer cake
  26. Take a photography class
  27. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  28. Travel alone, stay overnight
  29. Go on a picnic
  30. Cook everything in a cookbook
  31. Run a mile everyday for a year
  32. Read 100 books in a year, then donate them
  33. Swim with dolphins
  34. Skinny dip at midnight
  35. Ride the world’s tallest roller coaster
  36. Learn to take a compliment
  37. Plant a tree
  38. Lie naked under the stars
  39. Shower in a waterfall
  40. Learn all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody
  41. Cliff diving
  42. Own a house
  43. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  44. Complete a NaBloPoMo
  45. Hand sew a toy
  46. Go to a midnight premiere
  47. Spend all day in bed watching movies
  48. Go to a concert once a month for a year
  49. Catch ‘em all. 
  50. Matter
  51. Learn to walk in heels
  52. Pet a penguin
  53. Take a picture of the Eiffel tower 
  54. Become a musician
  55. Backpack across Europe
  56. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  57. Go on every ride at Disney World
  58. Be so happy I cry
  59. Read Gray’s Anatomy cover-to-cover
  60. Make-out in a movie theater
  61. Make a sand castle
  62. Walk the beach at night
  63. Become an explorer
  64. Receive a heartfelt, handwritten letter
  65. Go ice skating
  66. Stay up all night reading
  67. Complete a scrapbook
  68. Get a full body massage
  69. Two person shower
  70. Knit a pair of mismatch socks
  71. Go rock climbing
  72. Fly through the Bermuda Triangle
  73. Have a baby
  74. Create a “Soundtrack to Your Life”
  75. Own a pair of stripper shoes
  76. Serve someone breakfast in bed
  77. Do charity work in another country
  78. Fulfill a fantasy
  79. Paper mache
  80. Spend Christmas at the beach
  81. Become a nerdfighter
  82. Participate in Earth Hour
  83. Try Strawberry Hill
  84. Snowboard in Europe
  85. Paint a self portrait
  86. Spend the night in a castle
  87. Go on a scavenger hunt
  88. Sleep under the stars
  89. Make s’mores over a real campfire
  90. Be a “Mommy”
  91. Spend all night talking to someone I Love
  92. Wake up in someone’s arms
  93. Walk on a glacier
  94. Visit a restaurant and order something I can’t pronounce
  95. Give my mom a “just because” gift
  96. Be in two hemispheres at once.
  97. Start a holiday tradition
  98. Experience a picture perfect moment.
  99. Take a picture of it
  100. Leave a $100 tip
  101. Play music in the square
  102. Ride in a carriage
  103. Preform onstage
  104. Visit Niagara Falls
  105. Preform a kind deed to 5 strangers in one day
  106. Learn archery
  107. See the Northern lights
  108. Become conversational in French
  109. ______________________________
  110. Donate 15pts of bloood
  111. Ride on a gondola
  112. Go up in a hot air balloon
  113. Learn to be happy about with my body. 
  114. Ride a ferris wheel
  115. Play the original monopoly
  116. Dine and Dash
  117. Go to Bar Hemingway in Paris and read a passage of A Farewell to Arms to someone I love
  118. Spend an afternoon dining overlooking the water on shrimp with lemon, drinking ice cold yellow beer while reading The Old Man and the Sea
  119. Act like a tourist in the place I live and have strangers take pictures of me in front of cool things
  120. Ellen’s Dance Dare
  121. Complete ALL the Final Fantasy games
  122. Complete a coloring book
  123. Fill up an entire journal
  124. Meet John and Hank Green
  125. Attend LeakyCon
  126. Understand Trig